About Us

We are chain of companies operating through Lebanon, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, and KSA. Seeking candidates from different countries, our aim is to facilitate life and recruitment through a medium of huntinglebanese.com. where employers can post a job, or post a vacant position online on oir website.

Our experience enables us to identify the best candidates and to advise our clients at all stages of the recruitment process.
Our Preciseness, professionalism, and the utmost discretion and confidentiality, enable us to supply senior services for the most reputable and prestigious companies.

HL Mission

  • Provide high recruitment quality through the right accurate matching.
  • Provide superior customer services.
  • Protect quality Services using professional ways to match and recruit.
  • To be creative, confidential, loyal, and implement technology.

Discover Hunting Lebanese Statistics

106479 ​Registered Job Seeker
5040 ​Registered Employers
8179 ​Job Openings

Why Hunting Lebanese?

  • The world wide matching web between employers and employees where you can find a job or post a job.
  • Our experience enables us to identify the best candidates and to advise employers at all stages regarding the recruitment process.

Our Vision

HUTINGLEBANESE.COM a place for Companies, Employers, Job seekers & Recruiters, because of our confidentiality, loyalty, preciseness, professionalism, and also constructing the right bridge between different parties.