Partner With Us

How does a Learning Partnership work?
HL Learning Partners sign a Non-Binding Agreement that allows HL to offer a 10 percent tuition discount to your employees/members.

Can my family receive the Learning Partner Discount? 
Spouses and children of employees/members are also eligible for these benefits.

How much does becoming a HL Learning Partner cost?
There is no cost.

How many employees have to enroll if we become a Learning Partner? 
At this time there is no specific number of employees that have to enroll.

Can the learning partnership non-binding agreement be changed to fit my guidelines?
We can adapt the agreement to fit your guidelines and policies. We do ask permission to place your business/organization name, description and (logo if permitted) on our website. However, if that is not possible, we would still like to partner with you and work out details to try to accommodate your requirements.

How long does the Learning Partnership last? 
You can terminate the agreement at any time.

By becoming a Learning Partner, are we agreeing that our employees/members will only use HL Workshops? 
No, the partnership agreement is non-exclusive. It simply means that if any of your employees/members so choose to become HL attendee, they will receive the benefits outlined in the partnership agreement.

What other benefits does the learning partnership offer?
If your organization is interested, HL will send a press release to local media and provide general information for your website that announces the partnership. HL also can create an email template announcement for you to send to members/ employees.