Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

HuntingLebanese.com terms are a binding agreement for any user using the website, registered or not registered as a member regardless of the country of the user. For any reason if users do not agree, confirm, read, or accept the terms of www.huntinglebanese.com should not visit or login to the website.

NB: Protect your detailed personal information from providing to other parties that are not legitimate or trustworthy, information should not be limited to bank information including credit cards, cash, or transfers.

Job seekers and employers are able to fill applications for the purpose of employment services. Job seekers and employers are aware that their information will be shared with employers, companies, and subscribers. Where HuntingLebanese.com holds no liability about this action. Subscribers and visitors should not be using this website if they consider or see any harm towards them or towards their information.

www.huntinglebanese.com have the authority to change their terms and conditions any time without the need of going back or informing its users, visitors, and members.

www.huntinglebanese.com holds no liability towards any company posting jobs or any employer, job seeker, or even member that might be using the website for any reason. Job seekers should check the legitimacy of a company or job. As employers should make a referral check for any information posted in any CV or application within the website.

Unauthorized download for information from the website of www.huntinglebanese.com remains the right of www.huntinglebanese.com to protect, stop, ban or even block users and their IPs from the website.

Users should not sell, resell, or use www.huntinglebanese.com information for any reason outside the scope of recruitment.

Recruitment companies and other job boards are not allowed to use listed employers and employers’ contacts on the website for the purpose of any job that might be competing www.huntinglebanese.com that would refer employers or job seekers to any other business or competitor.

Posting any incorrect information or material by employers and job seekers on www.huntinglebanese.com will hold liability on employers and job seekers who did the act, and will be solely responsible for their post and on any information posted and www.huntinglebanese.com will hold no liability regarding the posted information.

Huntinglebanese.com job portal website provide no payment returns or refund for any reason, as it does not guarantee that employer will receive desired CVs due to the fact that some job seekers might not apply for different factors and reasons including and not limited to: Company name, job salary, work time attendance, company image, benefits, company location and more...