Frequently Asked Questions


1- I am an employer I am posting jobs but I couldn’t see them online, what is going wrong.

Nothing is going wrong; team will check each and every job before releasing it online. Job vacancies may be posted after 2 minutes up to 4 hours after passing to the control department.

2- I am an employer I registered using a personal email and I couldn’t access it later neither post a job, why?

True, as per policy employers are not able to post jobs using their personal emails. Email will be automatically removed and blocked from the system.

Job Seekers:

1- I lost my password how can I request a new password?

In the home page on the left panel you can click on “Forget your password?” fill your email address that is your user name in the blank field, and then click on “Send”, you will receive a new password to your email inbox. If you didn’t receive your password to your inbox please check your junk folder.

2- I received a password to my email inbox but it is not working to login, why?

When you receive a password you should not use “copy and paste” since you may be pasting a space or link with your password.

3- I found a job through website, should I contact Hunting Lebanese to inform them about it?

No, is the intermediate between job seekers and employers, employers can directly contact job seekers without the notice of

4- I didn’t apply for a job but employers are calling me saying that they got my CV from, is this possible?

Yes, employers with membership accounts can access CV database and search active and passive job seekers and contact them directly.

5- It’s been time my CV is on but still didn’t find a job, is it possible my CV is not reaching employers?

No, all CVs will reach employers but employers will receive a big number of CVs therefore you should know you are in a competitive atmosphere, the faster you apply the better opportunity you have. On the other hand the more you update your CV the better rank you’ll get in the CV search engine; therefore updating your CV frequently will increase your probability to find a job.