Digital Consultant

Sync Digital Solutions

  • Job Location: Lebanon
  • Posted On: 2021-12-16
  • Expires On: 2022-04-15 Expired

Job Details

  • Job Location: Lebanon
  • Job Category: Marketing
  • Employment Type: Employee
  • Job Duration: Full Time
  • Monthly Salary in USD: 1000

Job Description

Sync Digital Solutions is looking to hire a team of energetic, well-organized, and efficacious Digital Sales Consultants who will direct the development of new outbound business opportunities. This team will sell Web Development and Design and E-commerce services to medium sized clients across the Middle East.

This opportunity is best suited for a person who:
●    has experience in successfully selling digital solutions to executives, directors, and decision makers in the Middle East,
●    is comfortable advising and persuading such an audience, and
●    is self-motivated, possesses significant drive for achievement, and is committed to getting things done.

Job Activities
People hired for this job are expected to spend 75% of their time in front of clients (virtually and physically) performing the following activities:
●    Continuously searching for prospective new clients and generating leads.
●    Identifying key persons in target industries and establishing and maintaining relationships with them.
●    Capable of understanding clients’ objectives and positioning this alongside a return on their investment (ROI)
●    Conducting meetings and making first visit and follow-up appointments.
●    Developing leads into new commercial relationships.
●    Presenting Sync Digital Solutions at face to face meetings, over the phone, and virtually.
●    Managing own sales funnel from generating the lead to closing the deal.
●    Managing client accounts and converting them into repeat sales.

Skills and Expertise
People hired for this job is expected to have the following skill and interest set:
●    Confidence and high energy.
●    Ability to work independently and responsibly.
●    Experience and knowledge in managing and adapting sales processes.
●    Capable of communicating and presenting tailored solutions and instilling confidence by using a range of presentation skills from body language to voice tones.
●    Competent negotiation skills with ability to ‘close deals’.
●    Hands on problem-solving skills inclusive of devising new approaches and solutions.
●    High energy, positive, and diligent approach to researching and analyzing new business opportunities.
●    Excellent communication skills (face to face + virtually + written).
●    College graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree in Business, MIS, or a related field.