Senior IT Technician

Teletrade Holding Group sal

  • Job Location: Lebanon
  • Posted On: 2021-08-02
  • Expires On: 2021-11-30

Job Details

  • Job Location: Lebanon
  • Job Category: Information Technology
  • Employment Type: Employee
  • Job Duration: Full Time
  • Monthly Salary in USD: 2000-2500
  • Reference number: RR13 - 2021

Job Description

Job Identification

  • Job Title: Senior IT Technician.
  • Department/Division: IT Division.
  • Company: Teletrade Computer Systems Sal.
  • Reporting Line: Technical Manager.

Position Summary

  • Purpose & objective of the job: Provide required IT solutions and support to the Company clients and internally when needed.
  • Expected results: Fulfill related projects in a timely, efficient and accurate manner to ensure the smooth running of computer systems.
  • Degree of Freedom in reporting and level of cooperation with other departments: Abide by the daily assigned schedules by the dispatching manager and/or IT manager, report any obstacles or technical problems, and share any useful point of view or acquired information with them.

Qualifications & Competencies

  • Knowledge & Experience: Understanding of IT systems and related software and accessories.
  • Skills: Problem solving, analytical skills, time management, communication, team work, and negotiation.
  • Abilities: Able to withstand a physically demanding job, along with high moral to cope with fast paced and stressful workload.
  • Competencies contributing to the individual ability to perform well in the job: Organized, Customer Focus, Dynamic, and Active.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Perform required on-site project activities such as installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and testing of IT systems.
  • Install, configure and maintain servers, PCs, printers, and network equipment such as NAS storage, Routers, Access Points, and Switches.
  • Set-up and maintain Windows Server, Domain configuration, Active Directory, Policies, VMMS, Hyper-V, VMware, replication, join, map drives, Cloud Antivirus or other related software as needed.
  • Provide back-up solution and disaster recovery like DR Site implementation, Veeam, Symentec, Backup Exec, etc.
  • Configure and maintain mail systems such as Exchange on Premise, Office 365, Mdaemon, etc.
  • Provide branch connectivity support for routing and tunneling connections.
  • Configure and maintain firewall such as Sophos, Fortigate, etc.
  • Provide services and client support during IT field visits.
  • Diagnose all IT related technical problems and provide the proper solution.
  • Continuously cooperate with the dispatching manager or the IT manager, and keep them updated with all the projects’ information and progress.
  • Build a positive relationship with clients, understand their requirements and provide appropriate recommendations.
  • Determine the materials required for the job ahead of time in coordination with the dispatching manager and IT manager.
  • Keep abreast of new trends, solutions, and practices.
  • Perform IT troubleshooting ensuring all is well functioning avoiding repetitive visits.
  • Fill the service report and the daily activity report and submit them to the department coordinator on a daily basis.
  • Carefully handle Company tools and resources
  • Ensure proper handling and safeguard of Company vehicles and related documents. Exhibit responsible and respectful driving, abiding by the Country’s traffic laws and regulations, maintaining the positive on-road image of the THG Brand.

Physical Demands

Able to withstand a physically demanding job, such as carrying heavy items and constant activity.

Working Conditions

  • Position may require working overtime.

Performance Standards

  • Attendance: Accuracy and precision.
  • Behavior: Positivity, cooperation, enthusiasm, friendliness, ethical behavior.
  • Deliverables: Complete and accurate execution of projects.
  • Compliance: External Country laws, Internal Company rules and regulations, as well as ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Client Service: Ensuring client satisfaction and continuity of the business.
  • Personal characteristics: Presentable and neat.